The Electric Bill Mess

is still a mess.

I wrote in January about how our electric company had been switched without our knowledge and that we had a 1600+ bill to pay, remember?

Oops, they did it again.

On February 22nd, we were sent a bill for 202.93. I paid it later that day. On February 24th, they sent a bill out for 233.10, showing the previous charges and then a second meter reading with a four-day billing cycle.

huh? I know February is short, but that's redonkulous.

So I call today. The reason a bill had been sent out on that date is because that is the date service via that company was terminated and we were switched to another company. Only I didn't make that call and, once again, they aren't sure which company it was moved to.

I am pretty sure this means we are getting new neighbors in the house behind us and that this has something to do with that. I called and left a message with the neighborhood and gave my electric company authorization to become my electric company again.

And, while I was at it, made a doctor's appointment for Friday. I think going back to the ER is just going to be expensive and fruitless. And I needed one more thing to do Friday in between Charlie's evaluation, playgroup and ladies' retreat.

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Sasha said...

And that is why deregulation sucks. So sorry you are dealing with that. TX never did figure it out when it comes to electricity.