I'm Home.

I skipped over the husband to kiss the forehead of my little sleeping-in-his-carseat boy today when I saw him in the backseat of the SUV as it paused at the airport today. It has been a long nine days since I saw him last.

After Dowlan chucked some very heavy bags into the back, I did kiss him, too. But it was Charlie I missed down to my toes. I have never been this long without him.

On the toll road home, I kept looking back at his sweet little face, admiring the little bits of baby left in his cheek and blond wisps. At one point he had a tickle in his nose and thrashed around long enough to rub it with both fists before dropping his head down the other way. I said, "Hi, Charlie!" and got back a quick "Hi." before he was once again unconscious. I don't think he even opened his eyes.

Twenty minutes later, I hear, "Hi, Mommy! Mommy! You not at the airport! You in the car. You with daddy? Daddy, Mommy not at airport, Mommy in the car!"

In my sleep-deprived state I can't tell you the rest, but promise more to come . . .