Odd awakenings

I awoke this morning to Melody's voice chanting, "Kick the moose! Kick the moose!" Within a few minutes, Charlie came in and told Dowlan, "I want to climb you foot."

Dowlan went to start breakfast and I went to get dressed and, as I emerged, the strangest smell permeated the kitchen. Apparently, Dixie had decided that the waffle maker needed a nice layer of jelly in it so that, once Daddy and Charlie were finished making the batter they could pour it on and make a jelly waffle. Daddy didn't realize it was jelly coated and plugged it in to get it nice and hot and the smell just got weirder and weirder.

Ah, so good to be back home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen--
Are you interested in going back to teaching? Parmer Lane is looking for a music teacher now (didn't you used to teach for PISD?) I guess to finish this year and then keep going w/ next year.
Anyway, I just saw it and I thought of you!
Karol (Quincy's mom)

Unknown said...

My oldest comes up to me at random times and goes "I want to climb Mommy's leg!".