Gorgeous Sunny Day

and I mean gorgeous. Just enough breeze to keep it from getting too warm in the bright yellow sun. The girls had early release, so Charlie and I picked them up and took a picnic lunch to playgroup.

We came home, brought stuff in, then went right back out. Came in, had a snack, back out.

Tomorrow I work 6 hours and one of the girls has a birthday party. After that, we hop in PennyVann and head to Oma's to abandon the children for a week. Uncle Trey and Oma are taking them camping and Dowlan and I have a week to be footloose and fancyfree.

All I can think of is this: for five whole days, I can cook whatever I want for dinner.


Unknown said...

My kids are never the problem in the dinner department. If I wanted cooking freedom I'd have to send my husband on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entrusting your wonderful children to us. We had an absolutely wonderful time today.

Love ~ ~ Papa