Somebody Missed Mama

I went to go pick the girls up from school on Monday. Having not seen them in nine days, I decided that parking the car and walking up to get them was the wiser choice, as we were likely to hold up the carpool line.

I got there a few minutes early and was waiting for them. Melody's class walked right past me and she was chattering away with the kid next to her. I was standing right there when she sat down with her backpack. The teacher called her name and she stood up, leisurely getting ready to go. When she'd taken them off, she'd done it in one fell swoop and the sleeves were still protruding through the straps of the bag. To put it back on, she placed the hood on her head, allowing the bag and coat to swing freely behind her as she slid her first arm in. The brilliant simplicity of this plan failed, however, when the left arm, waving awkwardly behind her back, could not make contact with its intended destination.

Frustrated and rotating in lurching backward circles, she finally looks up and spies me waiting for her. Everything drops back off and she runs and attaches herself to me. Come to think of it, she's been pretty attached ever since.

A minute or two later, Dixie appears and makes a beeline for me. It was about ten minutes before we were ready to head towards the PennyVann on our journey home.

Unfortunately, we did not have just a whole lot of time together this week. I worked three hours Tuesday evening, but did have a bit before and after. Wednesday I let before they did, going from one job to the next and getting home right before they returned from church.

When they came in the door, Melody affixed herself to me. She barely let go long enough to brush her teeth and fell asleep that night clinging to me. Dixie snuggled in extra long and Charlie, well, Charlie was Charlie.

I was not allowed to leave for work in the morning before promising to come home straight after and not go to Sylvan. This stretch is going to be rough.

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