Of Course

Today is the day I'm supposed to go for a follow-up to my ER visit and also the first day in a month or so that it hasn't hurt. Doctor Dixie blames it on the Diet Coke and said I should stop drinking it and then I'd feel just fine.

It's also only two days until Charlie's evaluation and I'm realizing how far behind I got in these last few days. We hired an advocate and I spent a lot of Friday running around getting medical records and such. But I have a lot I need to read up on in order to prepare for this.

I really haven't been around the girls much lately to know what silliness they are up to. But I want to direct you to Becky's Fresh Catch, where her little girl is absolutely hysterical.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Billy has been telling me the same thing about the diet coke for years. He and Dixie must be on to something.

Love it! Grandma Jane