Soggy House

Dowlan found the leak under the house today. It is not pretty. At least one of the connectors in the plumbing running from room to room under the house is rusted.

It's a water pipe. You'd think they'd make it out of something that doesn't rust.

So the insulation under the house is a sopping, ruined mess and the black plastic sheeting holding it up. So far, only about 8 sq ft of subfloor is messed up and one section of carpet and padding are gross. The rest of the area has tile on top, though, so it's hard to know what to think about that.

We called the homeowner's insurance peeps and someone is supposed to get over here within 24 hours to check it all out. We have to hire a licensed plumber to fix it, so no fun with plumbing for us. It looks like more flooring may be in our future.

This one is officially Dowlan's to deal with--my brain is full.


In more fun news, Melody has made up a word. Attackle. It's when Charlie jumps on you with his entire body in a surprising and overtaking move.

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Uncle Trey said...

Attackle sounds like more work for me than regular Tackle. Oh No!