There's a cello in my bathroom

Sunday afternoon, Dowlan and I returned home around 2 p.m. from taking the kids to my mom's. Like any married couple finally free of the children, we headed to the bedroom first thing.

But two hours later, the closet reorganization was nearly complete and we had this crazy idea. Remember the closet we built along one wall so that Charlie could use the walk-in as a nursery back in his baby days? We didn't want to put the walls on top of the carpet, so we'd ripped the carpet out of that section and laid down vinyl flooring that did an astounding imitation of wood.

Without thinking too much about it, I said, "Sure would be nice if we could finish out the room in that." Twenty minutes later, we were at Lowe's buying flooring that was now .78 a square foot, down from .98 cents. Before we fell asleep last night, the room was mostly emptied, the carpet rolled halfway up, the staples and tacks removed and the subfloor drying from a good mopping.

By 11 this morning, the room looked like this:

bedroom floor redo

bedroom floor redo

bedroom floor redo

The product we laid down is peel-and-stick vinyl, but the pieces were in planks instead of squares, see?

bedroom floor redo

Because we were in the middle of cleaning a closet when this began, we have no real 'before' picture but you can see the old carpeting here:

bedroom floor redo

If you pause the project clock for the 4.5 hours I went to work today, this is how it looks 24 hours after the idea first came up:

bedroom floor redo

bedroom floor redo

We're not completely done. The threshold moldings are not yet installed, the cello still sits in my bathroom, the little end table isn't yet relocated and the bookshelf is still missing from underneath the fan:

bedroom floor redo

All in all, still not bad for a day's work.


Mrs. Joyce said...

Practice there. The acoustics are awesome.

Emily P said...

I love this, G! I'm thinking of doing this vinyl peel-and-stick in the playroom. It's probably not up to hubby's classy standards, but it should hold up to the kids.
Inspirational job!

Carol said...

Looks great and I LOVE your bedspread!

Sasha said...

I love your post title. Of course there is a cello in your bathroom!