I can't close my eyes without seeing blood pouring out of Charlie's mouth and his gouged tongue.

He is pretty much okay, but he keeps making this sad face, grunting and pointing at his mouth.

And this morning, I got to perform minor surgery on Dixie. She likes to push her earring backs on all the way until her lobes are pinched and swell and I keep having to pry them loose. Well, I didn't catch it in time this time around and her lobe had started to grow over the earring back.

It was not pretty. Charlie kept sympathetically patting and hugging her, saying 'there, there' and Melody kept bringing her dollies to comfort her.

And at church, they've been talking about showing kindness to your siblings. So Melody proudly announces that 'Next time we're at church in class, I'm going to tell my teacher that I was nice to Dixie and helped her when Mommy had to hurt her.'

Thanks, kid. Thanks.


Jenn said...

May I suggest the special hoops that piercing places have that are made of stainless steel clamped on a teeny ball that are non adjustable and completely immune to earlobe squashing? The ball is STUCK really tightly and will not come loose.

Case in point; I went cliff jumping and jumped wrong and thus fell head first off a 100 foot drop into water, 2 out of 3 rings stayed intact. After 5 years of having those rings in my ear, it took a 100ft fall to knock one of them out :)

The rings come in all sizes and thickness's and surely you could find ones as thin as a regular stud.

Kelcy said...

Yup. I was going to suggest the same thing. When I got my third holes in my ears and my second cartiledge stud, they just WOULD NOT HEAL until I got the same type of hoop Jenn is suggesting.