Don't Mess With Texans

My brother's dog was making a weird noise last night. Trey went out and saw a guy standing near their back window where his teenage daughter was taking a bath. He chased him down, jumped the fence, wrestled him to the ground, pinned him while he hollered for his wife to bring the gun, and held him at gunpoint until the police came. Since no one actually SAW the guy peeking, they couldn't press charges, but you can bet that that guy isnt going to peek through any windows anytime soon!

My brother weighs about 300 lbs. the thought of him jumping a fence is pretty remarkable.

Edit: okay, so he weighs 280. Still impressive.

And they are pressing charges for criminal trespass, but they can't for him being a perv because no one actually saw him looking through the window.


mrslittletrey said...

280! We've been going to Weight Watchers.

Trey said...

Joanne actually did the holding at gunpoint while calling 911 and holding the flashlight. Talk about multitasking. I all I had to do was sit there and pin his hands down at that point. She wants to get her CHL now.

Lindsey said...

Good for them, what a sicko! How scary =0(