Number Six

Today was Dixie's self-inflicted hair cut number six.

I'm glad Charlie always goes for the microfiber couch when he decides to get marker happy, because it cleans off so easily.

And, some day, I am certain that Dowlan will learn that if Charlie is fully dressed he cannot reach his diaper to explore what he just put inside of it. This Saturday celebrates four-and-a-half years of parenting for the two of us, and he has yet to figure out that it is worth the extra effort to actually dress the children.


Oh, and did I tell you that last Friday, I finally had to explain just how Daddy got the seed inside Mommy's body?

Double sigh.


Heidi Ongbongan said...

My sister when she was five decided to trim her bangs before christmas eve service. My mom just LOVED the cut. Of course, our oldest sister handed her the scissors because that's what sisters are for. lol

Rebecca said...

We really need to see some pictures of the fabulous new haircut!!

Mamalicious said...

How did you splain it?