It's almost birthday season!

My mom's birthday and Melody's half-birthday are July 26th. Charlie's is August 2, Dixie's is August 6th and Dowlan turns 40 August 12th.

Running the birthday gauntlet is exhausting for the cakemaker.

And I want to try something new this year, so I made a practice cake yesterday.



The Mommy said...

Wow...it's beautiful!

Trey said...

Thats awesome, a princess cake!

Her face has a touch of hunchback of Notre Dame, but I can't really criticize, I could never draw worth a flip, and faces are the hardest thing.

ApriL said...

It looks awesome Gretchen. I love reading your blog your family sounds so great.

The princess (whichever one I have boys so I can never remember who is who) looks a little mad that she is going to be desert. :) Still it looks awesome

Kara said...

You just need to move her nose and mouth down a bit and she'd look great!

sarah said...

It is quite impressive.

How did you do it? Did you have some kind of edible tracing paper or something, or did you do it all freehand?