Hours 4 and 5

(If you haven't read the posts The Closet and The Other Closet, scroll down and get those first. The order might help this make more sense.)

Hour 4: Went to Goodwill with a LARGE load of stuff and then to Home Depot for wood.

Hour 5: Started to put things into the closet. The far wall is my sewing table with my two machines and piles of clutter on it. Notice above it are two shoe racks without all the cross pieces that I got out of the other closet.


The longer wall has storage underneath and a table top for cutting and piecing quilts, laying out scrapbook pages, etc. The storage pieces here also come from the other closet. The beauty of this plan is that I will be able to get stuff laid out and then leave it there without my kids getting into it.


A close-up:

Dowlan is outside cutting a pegboard to mount to the wall to put ribbon, scissors, tape, etc on. When we get it up, I'll slap another pic at the end of the post.

Okay, here you go.


And don't worry--Dixie won't be here until AFTER the scissors get put away.

About the sewing table: When I was a live-in nanny in college (seven years ago? eight?), I got a piece of 2'x4' birch veneered plywood, slapped some trim on it, mounted two legs to one side and a set of Container Store Elfa baskets to the other side. Instant desk. It has moved with me many times and has had many functions.

In order to fit it where the changing table used to be, we had to cut off a few inches (that I'm hoping to turn into a shelf before we're done with this). To make my cutting and piecing surface, we went and bought the same birch veneer plywood and the same trim. Here is Dowlan adding the trim:


Can you see the pretty trim? You can definitely tell a difference between the old and new wood:


And another shot of the whole thing. You can see where I've started to move in:



ncgamer said...
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Nikki said...

You never cease to AMAZE me!!!! You are so talented! I need you to help me! I am lacking in the creativity department.

You are doing a great job...can't wait to see the finished product.

Deanna said...

Good progress!! We did a lot of similar moving around before Samuel was born and it's quite the challenge. Happy working.