Chin up

Melody: Do chins grow?
Mommy: Yes. Every part of the body grows.
Melody: Is your chin bigger than mine?
Mommy: Yes
She puts her chin against mine to compare size.
Melody: Why is your chin bigger than mine?
Mommy: Because I'm a grown-up.
Melody: Is Daddy's chin bigger than yours?
Mommy: Yes. And mine is bigger than yours. And yours is bigger than Charlie's.
Melody: Is it always that way?
Mommy: Mostly.
Melody: Huh?
Mommy: Well, if I'd married Jay Leno and had babies with him instead of Daddy, your chin would have already surpassed mine.


Anonymous said...

LMBO! If she married Jay Leno?! Their babies would be announced as "it's a chin!"
(Have you seen Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon?- The Crimson Chin is Jay Leno).

Angela said...

Kids contemplate the weirdest stuff. Does she know that your eyes when you are born are the exact same size throughout your life? Well, maybe you shouldn't tell her; that might send her chasing after Charlie trying to figure out how on earth his eye balls are as big as hers. Or yours. Or Jay Leno's.