Charlie has aim

The men took a shower together this morning.

Sounds kinky, no?

At the end of the shower, Dowlan was standing next to the sink, toweling off, and Charlie was still pattering his little feet around, splashing in the water on the shower floor and watching the shower head drip little droplets of water into the drain.

Charlie grunted and pointed at the water, then pointed at the drain. I said something along the lines of, "That's right, Charlie! the water goes down the drain."

So Charlie squats over the drain, bends his head down to see where he's pointing, stands up and scoots back and squats again. Two or three times.

I think it is coming, I know it is coming, but when he actually pees down the drain the look of surprise and delight on his face almost knocks me over.

Maybe I need a drain at the bottom of the potty seat?


Anonymous said...

This summer that little kid is going to be "watering" your plants
our doors. And be glad. At least his pants will be dry : )

Anonymous said...

OUT DOORS is what I meant!

Anonymous said...

I knew guys were facinated with peeing in the shower... I just didn't know it started that young!


Angie said...

I'm laughing my butt off. That's how it started for my son too, and now he pees on trees in the backyard all summer long!