It will never end

I have been cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

We got home Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. and I spent the next 4 hours unpacking and sorting through all the stuff Dowlan brought in from PennyVann. I had done a little *ahem* bargain shopping after Christmas. Frankly, I think the giddiness of shopping while other people watched my children got to my head and I lost all control. Between that and all the Christmas gifts, PennyVann was very full.

Wednesday, I woke up and continued to unpack and sort through junk. I was almost finished when I sat down to sort through a stack of clothes, as I am the only person on this entire planet who knows what item belongs to what kid. As I am sorting, I am suddenly hit in the small of the back by a flying 28-lb girl. I spend the next six hours lying down in misery. Then I get up and start putting away all the Christmas dishes.

On Thursday, I reorganize toys to make room for all the Cool New Stuff. The CNS is taking over the world. I keep staring at my Christmas stuff, daring it to magically fly into boxes on its own. It does not take me up on this offer. I also go get a haircut that evening. I am contemplating having that woman arrested for stealing all my hair. Charlie has only slightly more hair than I do at this point.

And yesterday, after playgroup, I come home and attack the home again. Mind you, this house was clean when we left town, we were gone for eleven days, and the cats didn't mess up a thing in our absence. I take down the Christmas tree, the nativity, the Santa Clauses, the reindeer. I vacuum up all the random fluff from the tree skirt and the bits of dead garland. I move furniture back into place. I clean under where the furniture used to be. I clean the kitchen.

I clean for six hours straight yesterday. I stop twice to sit at the computer--once to deal with a bill I'd made a mistake on and once to play. I make supper, I get it all sat out, we eat. I go back to cleaning. It is bedtime.

Melody looks at me and says: Mommy! You forgot to play with us today because you were busy working SO HARD at the computer!

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