Silly is a liquid

As a self-proclaimed DAM (Drive Around Mom) I have a lot of conversations in the rear-view mirror with my kids that involve them asking me questions and then not really paying attention to what I answer, only that I answer.

If no one else cares what I say, I might as well amuse myself, right?

Mommy? What shape is my ball?
What shape is this book?
-It's a quadrilateral.
What shape is my carseat?
It's an irregular polygon.

I can't remember exactly what Melody was asking for, but I told her that she couldn't play with it in her carseat because it is a liquid.

What's a liquid?
-Something that can be poured and needs a container to keep from spilling.
-Matter comes in three forms, solid, liquid and vapor. (I say vapor, because she associates gas with gasoline, which is a liquid.) Vapors are things you can inhale, solids are things you can pick up or hit and they don't change shape. And liquids need a container to prevent them from spilling.
-Except for glass. It is technically a liquid.
Mommy, what is my dolly?
-A solid
Mommy? What is my sippy cup?
-The cup is a solid, the juice is a liquid. See? It has to be in the cup, or it spills.
What is my sister?
-Some of each. Her bones are solid, her blood is liquid, her lungs are filled with vapor.
What is PennyVann?
-Mostly solid.
What about silly?
-Oh, silly is a liquid. It pours out of your mouth and is very hard to contain.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I have been reading your very funny blog for about 2 weeks now & the term Pennyvann keeps coming up. I may be showing my own stupidity here but WTH is a pennyvann??????

Anonymous said...

ok for real I think maybe I am slow!! After posting then reading what I posted I might have figured it out! Pennyvann= Minivan in 3yr old language? Am I right????

~Gretchen~ said...


when we were minivan shopping, melody kept wondering why i wanted a PennyVann. her full name is Penny Mackineroni Girl.

chandlers_a_girl said...

That was a fun conversation! I had to explain condensation and moisture to my 5 y/o yesterday

Julia said...

OMG, you are hilarious! What a blast to read. The kids all look alike - is Dixie a relative? (I know she is now....wondering about before you adopted her.)

~Gretchen~ said...

Dixie isn't related to us biologically in any way, but doesn't she look just like us?

Candace said...

Just wanted to tell you that you're an great story teller!! I really enjoy reading your blog!!

Julia said...

Yes, you all look very alike!

Brother Trey said...

Our parents' van was named Jean Claude Van Damme or Damn Van for short, Dowlan's XTerra is named Steve, and I forget the name of Gretchen's Intrepid (RIP).

~Gretchen~ said...

Big Jenny. My Intrepid *sniff* was Big Jenny. The girls still cry over missing her sometimes. Truthfully, so do I.