The crackdown has begun

My children are like cattle--all they want to do all day is graze. I feel like a food dispenser sometimes, as hardly a moment goes by where someone isn't either eating, requesting food or complaining about the fact that they aren't currently eating.

And then I cook them an actual meal and who eats it? Me.

So the crackdown begins. Only water and plain milk are allowed at meals, and between meals each child is allowed one banana, apple, cheese stick or yogurt. One, not one of each. One cup of half juice/half water between each meal. And two small or one large sugar treat per day.

You'd think I'm trying to kill them.

We've been operating fairly well on this new set of rules all week. I explained them all in great detail to Dowlan last night.

So what do I find this morning? All three of my children wandering around, eating cookies before breakfast. Dixie looks at me and says, "Daddy gave me this cookie after I finished my first one. Daddy doesn't know about sugar."

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Shannon said...

Sounds like something Daddy would do around here too. Mine is convinced that pop-tarts and juice "drinks" are a perfectly acceptable breakfast for a 2 & 5 year old. Easy for him to say when he leaves for work and leaves me to spend the day with 2 sugared up hellions.