I am an embarrassment to my children.

Dixie walked in today on me while I was *gasp* bleaching my mustache. Later, in the car, she and Melody had this chat. For the record, Cowboy is a kid Dixie used to go to church with when she lived with her Grandma, but he has become more like an imaginary friend. Also, we were on our way to meet Dowlan and his friends for dinner. Chris and Richard do NOT need to know about Mommy's mustache.

Dixie: I saw Mommy doing something that was So Funny today.
Melody: What?
D: I went in the bathroom and she had a white mustache.
M: No! That is funny! Why would Mommy have a mustache?
D: Maybe I'll ask Daddy when we get to the place we're going.
Mommy: No. You do not need to talk about Mommy's mustache at dinner.
D: Ooh! We have a secret. A seeeeeeeecret!
M: A secret, a secret!
D: Who can we tell?
M: We could tell your Cowboy.
D: No, i would be way too embarrassed to tell my Cowboy that my Mommy has a mustache. He would look at me funny and laugh and I would be all embarrassed.

I fully expected my children to be ashamed of me someday, just not as preschoolers.

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Anonymous said...

You're killing me!! This is so funny! Sadly because my 6 year old was just telling me about my mustache... and that I need to get rid of it.

Point taken.