Play Doh makes the world go 'round

I have had thirty minutes completely to myself. Charlie is asleep, and the girls are playing with 6 new mini-tubs of Play Doh.

Ahhhh . . . sweet bliss. Until I realize that Melody added Play Doh 'pepperoni' to the pizza slice that was supposed to be her snack.


RE: comments from the last few days:
-I did actually graduate from college, i just switched from a double major in government and American studies with a minor in German to a major in elementary education with a specialization in music.
-Most days at the church are not like that. We were up three kids and down one grown-up from our usual bunch. And it was the first time to ever be alone in the building. Also, on Tuesdays I get to be the selfish one sitting and enjoying the class while others watch my kids. So I generally don't mind Wednesdays, not to mention that the $30 I make helps out around here and working saves me the $12 I would have spent on lunch that day. But yesterday was not worth all the money in the world.
-Kelcy, you are clearly a freak. (Bless your heart.)

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Anonymous said...

I'll admit it...I fear play-doh.

The boys only get to play it with their Papa, and usually when I'm not home. I just can't handle the mess, the EATING (ack!), and the dried crusty parts all stuck in the carpet...even if they were playing in the kitchen.

My "poor" children are so deprived.