I know that the reason I feel this way has to do with the unpleasant combination of cedar, high winds and wildfires nearby, but I am not entirely convinced that someone did not take a cheese grater to my throat in my sleep last night. However, the entire gallon of white paint that the aforementioned wind blew over onto my previously unfinished-wood porch does give credence to the first explanation.

Charlie, were he capable of expressing himself, would likely add to this post in an attempt to serve an eviction notice to whatever funk is inhabiting his overflowing sinuses and throbbing right ear.

However Charlie is proving himself to be the easy child we always knew him to be by taking his amoxycillin like a man. The first time Melody needed it she was 22 months old and fell victim to strep. By the end of those ten days she would not consume anything that she had not directly watched us prepare.

Good night. Don't you DARE wake me up in the morning, ya'hear?

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Leah said...

Poor Charlie! Hope he's feeling better soon

and taking meds nicely must be a boy thing. Em would kick and scream and it would literally take two of us to dose her up (one to pin her down and pry her mouth open, and the other to squirt the meds in her mouth and make sure she didn't spit them back out). She's 5.5 and still likes to whine and moan about having to take medicine. My boys, on the other hand, would happily slurp up medicine all day long (and to that, I say, "thank goodness for childproof caps!!")

Here's some get-well wishes to your family. We're all taking turns with the flu around here (thankfully not the pukey flu, but it's still bad...it's the worst-head-cold-you've-ever-had-in-your-life-then-add-in-a-stubborn-high-fever-and-body-aches-and-chills-and-a-never-ending-cough flu)