I'm It

I got tagged for a meme, so here's my characteristics and how I add up:

Loyal and generous.
Yeah, I pretty much have your back. And I love to buy free stuff and give it away. Today I passed on 4 packs of wipes, 8 packs of children's medications, 4 strings of Christmas lights and I am just now realizing that the entire box of size 2T girls' clothes is still sitting in PennyVan. I love to help people out. Just think of what I could do if I actually had any money.

Oh, yeah. That's me, baby. Quit laughing, I mean it!


Active in games and interactions.
Yes. And if I am playing a game with someone, I will take them down.

Impatient and hasty.
Ha! You have no idea.

I like to take on huge projects. Like sewing all the stuff for my wedding and having charge of a $10K fundraising project for Camp of the Hills at the same time.

Influential in organizations.
I have the tendency to end up in charge. That is my mother's fault.

Fun to be with.
This talking about myself stuff is getting weird.

Loves to socialize.

Loves praises.

Loves attention.
Yes, so stop skimming through this and READ what I have to say.

Loves to be loved.
It drives me nuts if someone doesn't like me. Good thing that never happens, right?

Honest and trustworthy.
A regular boy scout.

Not pretending.
I'm not so good at living a superficial life and not a fan of people who do.

Short tempered.
Hee hee hee.

Changing personality.

Not egotistic.
It ain't braggin if it is true, right?

Take high pride in oneself.
Hey, I'm so vain I think this blog isabout me.

Hates restrictions.

Loves to joke.

Good sense of humor.

Dowlan wouldn't agree, but my logic makes perfect sense to me.


Anonymous said...

you are amusing, and i love to read your blog.

Valarie said...

I was tagged on Leah's site to. This was a fun one to read but kinda tough to do, huh??

Leah said...

why does everyone else manage to keep their answers short and sweet and mine rambled on forever??? aughhh!! LOL

Thanks for playing along!