Dixie's poor negotiation skills

I often have the girls pick up 10 things before they come to the dinner table, or put away toy X before they get toy Y out. It helps keep the house clean and teaches them some responsibility (I hope).

So today Dixie wanted to watch Jojo's Circus.

Dixie: Mommy, start Jojo!
Mommy: Hm. Was that whining I heard?
D: Mommy, would you please start Jojo's Circus for me.
M: I will after you pick up 15 things.
D: No! That's too many. How about I do five?
M: 15.
D: 10?
M: 15.
D: How about I do eighteen things?
M: Perfect!
D: 17?
M: No, you said 18.

Dixie picks up the first five things.

D: Mommy, I did five! Start Jojo!
M: Hm. I seem to remember saying 18.
D: How 'bout I just did five, then i do five more, and five more and five more?
M: It's a deal.


Today I played 38 games of Break the Ice.

You may be thinking, "Gretchen, it's Don't Break The Ice."

Not the way we play it.


Anonymous said...

Break the Ice advice...
Paper towels work after the game becomes out of the "ice" that come with it! I just looked up at my stack of "kid games" and I see that Bed Bugs is still there along with Uncle Wiggley, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Operation, and Trouble. No Break the Ice made it through the travel of time.
I even see "sewing cards". Do kids
still sew with sewing cards?????
Oh and please add SPIROGRAPH to the list. Mine of course, from probably 1967 when I got it for Christmas at age 7. Are you impressed : )

Rebecca said...

We do the 15 minute clean up right after dinner. Set the timer and make dad clean and everything. Everyone thinks I'm mean because I had to put the "no using the bathroom OR checking email during the 15 minute cleanup" into effect. SOMEONE was doing nothing but crapping and checking his email the whole time. Not naming names or anything, but the kids don't have email addresses yet.

Mom to Tate and Charlie said...

We play Break the Ice at our house too. How long until the kid realizes that the point is not to break the ice?!?! LOL
Adrienne620 (Bargain Board)

Leah said...

candyland is the current favored game of choice around my house. I'm tempted to hide it for awhile. LOL

~Gretchen~ said...

we can't play candyland. it inevitably ends in tears when one girl gets the queen frostine and the other cries because she wanted the princess one.

~Gretchen~ said...

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~Gretchen~ said...

that was actually dixie.

Anonymous said...

I beat Dixie 4 games in a row, and then Joanne beat me, but it was luck. I should have retired undefeated. And Charlie in particular loves breaking the ice, I believe he would like to use a bigger hammer, and he always starts in the middle with the skating polar bear or whatever it is that isn't supposed to fall through. Often he knocks that clean out without disturbing any of the other pieces