From her perspective, it made perfect sense.

A true story for you all:

So the girls asked recently if Simon (our cat) was going to get tall like daddy and i made the mistake of responding, "No, Simon's a grown-up kitty. He's as big as he's getting."

A few days later, I hear the front door open while I'm making dinner and assume it is Dowlan coming home. After 2 minutes pass and no husband walks in, I go to investigate. It was Dixie opening the door. She'd gone outside.

Mommy: Dixie! Why are you outside by yourself?
Dixie: Oh, I just came outside to sing to Simon.
M: You can't be here by yourself!
D: But I'm not. I'm with Simon.
M: Simon is a cat. He cannot give you permission to come outside or protect you and keep you safe.
D: But he is a grown-up kitty. You said so.

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